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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Renuzit Holiday Fresh Accents

Hi guys and Happy New Year!  I'm back to share a new product with you via the Purex Insiders.  I was really excited to try Renuzit Holiday Fresh Accents over the past holiday season.  I have a dog and a cat and you know how pets can make your house smell.  Also I like to feel like the holidays during the holidays.  This product really did the job it was supposed to.  It made my house smell festive and holiday-ish well eliminating the pet odors that we have.  There are two scents : Winter Berry and Festive Snow.  They give 30 days of continuous odor elimination.   They also have a stylish holiday holder that I really enjoyed.  I loved these products.  My only dislike was that I was not able to find them in ANY store by me.  I would have totally stocked up on these for next year and I hope Renuzit will bring these back in even more wonderful scents.  

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