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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Worse treatment from Wal-mart ever for FREE product coupons!

UPDATE 3/19/14
I received a phone call from the newly appointed store manager.  She was very nice and understanding.  I explained the entire story to her and she agreed the cashier should have just scanned the coupons with out embarrassing me. She said being new to the store she was going to work with them on customer service and understanding that without the customers they won't have a job!  Overall I was pleased that she called and listened and agreed with me! 

I know the world is a crazy, insane place.....everyone has battles they are fighting that we may not be privy too so I try to have compassion and understanding for other human beings....unfortunately my treatment at a Wal-mart store yesterday not only tested my compassion and understanding but showed that the workers there have none.  I visited a Wal -Mart while visiting family in Auburn AL.  I had a cart full of groceries.  I had a 12 pack of Diet Coke (my fav) and a Dial Hand Soap which I previously blogged about from my Purex Insiders trials (see previous posts). I had FREE PRODUCT coupons for these items.  These coupons were clearly labeled manufacturer coupons.  They had that foil on them which allows an educated person to see if they are fakes or not.   I had redeemed MYCOKEREWARDS.COM points for 3 free 12 pack coupons recently.  I had used 2 of the coupons in previous weeks at this same Wal-Mart.  So when I got up to my cashier, Sherry, I gave her the coupons for the soap and the coke with the products (trying to make it easier on her).  Well as soon as I gave her the coupons her poor attitude began and she stared at the coke one for what seemed like forever.  Then she says "free with what?!" I said "'s free."  I used my coke points for the coupon."  Sherry then says, "Huh I don't know about that." She yells clear across the store for Earl (who I am assuming was the manager of cashiers).  He was busy at the customer service counter and didn't respond.  She then flags down a young cashier walking by and says, "she has these".  I chime in with "I have used these types of coupons here before.  I got them with my coke rewards points."  By this time I was embarrassed and turning red as the line looked annoyed behind me.  Sherry says, "I never heard of coke points!" and I said "Well you should try them some time. They are under each cap of coke and inside of this box." I happened to look at the box and noticed it said "" so I pointed it out to her.  The young cashier then says, "Well did you scan them."  Sherry says "No! I wasn't sure about them!" and the younger cashier told her to try them and walked away.  Well she scanned the Dial soap which worked with no problem.  Then she scanned the coke one and it didn't work.  Without trying anything else or getting a manager she told me she couldn't do it.  I told her "I will need a manager then!" She points over to the packed customer service area and Earl who was working behind the counter.  I paid for my purchases and walked over to wait in the customer service line.  By this time I had been in Wal-Mart for an hour and my daughter and I were hungry since it was past lunch time.  After waiting a few minutes I got to Earl and placed the pack and coupon on the counter.  I then say, "Sherry would not do this for me and I am hoping you will."  He doesn't say anything barely looks up but has an aggravated look on his face.  He rings up my pack  and tells me I owe .27 cents for tax.  By this point I was so upset I say, "I hope I am never treated this way again at a Wal-Mart that I am on the verge of tears."  He didn't flinch or say boo!  He then gave me my receipt.  Not an apology, not a word, nothing!!!
I totally understand that a company would, dare I say, be suspicious of a FREE PRODUCT coupon.  But these were not dinky internet printed out coupons.  They were clearly marked "manufacturer" coupons with authentic foil labeling!  The cashier did not even try to scan them before embarrassing and hassling me.  My treatment and the cashiers laziness were clearly not called for.  The "manager on duty" was also useless.  It's basic customer service!    At least apologize for the way I was treated but nothing!!!!
I wanted to let everyone know this b/c it should not of happened to me and has upset me.  I will no longer shop at Wal-Mart.  I am aware my single person boycott will not affect Wal-Mart's bottom line, but it sure will make me feel better! 


  1. That is so awful! If I were you, I'd be calling their customer service 800 number and complaining. Or else do it on their website. That kind of service should never be allowed to happen!

  2. thank you donna!! yes I posted a complaint online. years ago I had another bad experience at this very store and wrote a complaint online and was contacted by a very apologetic manager. I am hoping to hear from a manager again. I want an apology and for their customer service people to know policies and treat people better. i'll keep you posted!!