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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lawry's Marinade

I don't know about you but I love a good BBQ meal! So I was very excited to be chosen from to try Lawry's Marinade this summer. I have always enjoyed Lawry's Seasoned Salt on my food but I never had the pleasure to try their marinades. I was sent Balsamic Herb and Original Seasoned Salt Marinade. These are 30 minute marinades which are perfect for me because after a long day at work I'm never quite sure what we will be eating for dinner and it's usually a last minute decision.
I first tried the Original Seasoned Salt Marinade with chicken. I marinaded the chicken for a little over 30 minutes and grilled it indoors on my grill pan. I put the chicken on a roll with lettuce, tomato and bacon. I also topped it off with a mixture of mayo and the extra marinade. Wowsers! It was fantastic! The chicken was very flavorful for being marinaded for only about 30 minutes. Everyone at the table wanted seconds which made me feel very happy.
Next I used the Balsamic Herb to marinade steak. This time I did marinade for more than 2 hours because I a little more time that evening. I once again grilled indoors with my grill pan and cooked the steaks. I made mashed potatoes with extra butter and Lawry's Seasoned Salt and broccoli. Overall this meal with a hit with the family and was easy to make!
Lawry's Marinades are new, quick and flavorful. I would definitely recommend Lawry's Marinades for your summer grilling fun!

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